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April 29, 2008




Those are a lot of requirements on top of the regular Shabbat ones! Here's an idea for you: adapt the Rosemary Chicken Comfort recipe from the Glorious One-Pot Meals cookbook to create many different variations with vegetables that will hold up to sitting around in the oven before dinner.

The original recipe calls for chicken, onions, acorn squash, mushrooms, green beans, and rosemary sprigs. Since the green beans probably will become soggy, switch out for broccoli, zucchini or green peppers.

If your kids don't like the flavor of rosemary, switch it for several garlic cloves and a few lemon slices.

Or drizzle a few tablespoons of a vinaigrette salad dressing on the chicken in a flavor that you know they like for a totally different meal -- and without running into the sauce on the plate problem the next day.

Check out my e-book on Glorious One-Pot KIDS Meals for some more ideas that may work for you.

Thanks for sharing your great ideas on this blog!

abandoning eden

I don't know if this counts as a stew or not, but this is what I'm eating for dinner lately:

Tons of veggies cut up into large chunks, including yellow bell peppers, red onions, babybell mushrooms, asparagus, summer squash, pinapple chunks (from a can in their own juice- save the juice), red potatoes (which need to be pre cooked in the microwave for a bit- i put 4 red potatoes in a bowl full of water and microwave them for 13 minutes), whatever other veggies you like. Also a package of soy tempeh cut into chunks (can substitute cut up chicken pieces!)

Marinade: zest of two limes, juice of two limes, pineapple juice from the pinapple chunks in juice, some more lime juice (premade, cause I have no patience for juicing 1000 limes), about a tbsp of dried oregano, a few drops of green tabasco sauce (I guess you can leave this out) 1 bunch of fresh cilantro chopped up, and some olive oil (as needed, I just pour a few tbsp on)

cut everything up and marinade overnight. Then cook it. Different ways you can cook it include in a huge wok pan at medium heat for around 40 minutes, or baked for an hour (covered in tin foil) at around 375, uncovering for the last 20 minutes, making sure the potatoes are cooked through. Or you can wrap it in tin foil and throw it on a grill. You can also serve it over brown rice, although I find that it's quite filling without.

If your kids like your food separated, what I've done in the past is when chunked up the veggies, I placed it directly into the pan I would bake it in, but didn't mix it up, and then poured the marinade on top of it.

Also if you don't like cilantro lime marinade (although I just invented this marinade last week and it is awesome if I say so myself), I've also used soy vey teriyaki sauce, which I believe is kosher.

When I make this it usually lasts me for 4 meals, so i guess it could feed 4 people. But if you add more veggies it can feed more people :)


I don't know if you're interested, but we recently started having only chicken soup for Friday night dinner. I make a double batch, so that everyone can have as many helpings as they like, and we serve it with a choice of plain rice or noodles. Also, I leave the chicken and vegetables uncut, so that we can easily fish out only what each customer wants, without having everything break apart and get messy.
If you need a good recipe for chicken soup, I will happily share!
All the best,

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