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March 05, 2008



For dishes being served (reheated) on saturday, you need to add the consideration that they don't have liquid/sauce base (at least if you're Ashkenazi and hold by not putting liquids on the plata). This is the one that really kills me for lunch.


Sarah Zeldman

Right, I was thinking about that but didn't include it because we usually end up not reheating ANYTHING on Saturday because of the "no liquid" rule! (My husband is very concerned that pretty much NOTHING is ever totally dry enough!)

Which is why I say need dishes that are good cold or room temperature (for shabbos day) OR be able to stay warm for several hours without losing flavor or texture. In our house, about an hour before Shabbos we turn the oven at about 350, put our food in to warm up and then turn the oven OFF right before shabbos so the food is warm when we are ready to serve. As you can imagine, this would kill the flavor and texture of some more delicate dishes.

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